Saturday, March 28, 2009

House beautiful

Phew, it's hard work this new carpet business. The bedroom looks very beautiful now, even though we still have tons of stuff to put back in the cupboards. Somehow the carpet ended up with us buying new curtains, cushions, bedlinen and a new headboard too. The rest of the house is still upside down as of course we had to stash stuff everywhere when we emptied our room and even though the charity shop has acquired three big bags full of stuff and we've taken loads to the tip there still seems to be more.
I must get the rest of my course work done this weekend too. I'm hoping to get it finished before I help my jobshare partner present a piece to a conference on Monday. Once that's out of the way i can hopefully get on with Crystal clear which is now slipping behind schedule (my schedule, that is, not my publishers - but if I can't get on it won't be done and polished the way I like in time for June)
Mr Nell is planning to take the belles off next weekend in the tourer for the weekend to get the van ready for our Easter break so hopefully a whole weekend of blissful writing awaits me in the near future.

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