Sunday, March 29, 2009

The price of fame

Or well scarcity I suppose in my case. I heard from a reader yesterday who is busy buying up my back list. Unfortunately, as you know two of my publishers, Moonlit Romance and By Grace Publishing closed at the start of this year. Apparently this has led to a strong market for the print copies of my books for those houses. She was after a copy of The Cinderella Substitute and finally tracked one down for £15 but she tells me that most places that had it wanted £50!!! Luckily I have a few copies of my other titles that I've been able to help her with but wow - £50.
I'm still ploughing through the course work - two sections left to go. I am never - repeat never - going to do something like this again.
I just want to tidy up my house and finish writing Crystal Clear this course is so dull it's driving me to chocolate.


Phillipa said...

Glad the carpet is down, Nell and $50 a copy. I think you should try and persuade some other publisher to buy up your backlist. :)

Julie Day said...

No, don't give in to chocolate. Wish I could do the same at times but can't due to my milk intolerance. Hope you get the work done on time so you can carry on with your book.

Laura Hamby said...

I'll eat the chocolate for you, Nell. Wouldn't want you to suffer unnecessarily.

Nell Dixon said...

I don't know what to do with my back list to be honest. I wasn't going to shop it anywhere but now I don't know. In other news I bought homemade rum truffle balls from the farmers market stall yesterday - that has to be bad.