Friday, March 06, 2009

Blog Party 5 - Squee!!!

Just to interupt the party with news that Animal Instincts is an editors top pick over at the book depository! Here
Ahem, as you were.
Plus, don't forget Phillipa Ashley and I are at Waterstones at the Merry Hill Centre tomorrow 12 til 2. We're looking forward to meeting everyone!


Laura Hamby said...

Squeeeeeeeeing with you, Nell! Congratulations. Did you see the fine company you keep?

Yep. You guessed it. "BETA FISH." ;)

Have a great weekend!


Fiona Lowe said...

Excellent news, Nell!

Lis said...

Woohoo!! Congratulations :)

Nell Dixon said...

Thanks all, I couldn't quite believe it - very exciting.

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

WOOHOO - FAB news!

Olga said...

Nell, congratulations on the release of Animal Instincts, and special congrats on top pick!

Nell Dixon said...

Hi Olga!!! Waving.