Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Amazon cover happiness

The new cover is up on Amazon today. It looks so pretty with the other covers!. I haven't heard my editor and my agents verdicts yet on what is going in between the covers so I'm hoping no news is good news, although I'm expecting some suggestions from my editor. She's very good at picking up exactly which bits I need to tweak.
Yesterday was another busy day at the day job, a twelve hour stint as we're finishing off our research contract. It's been fascinating stuff and we're looking forward to sharing the report as hopefully it'll help improve services.
I'm trying to pick up the pace on Me, You and Him. I finished one chapter at the weekend and I've almost completed another so I'm getting there. It's fun to write although I keep having to stop to look things up. Why did I decide to put a roundhead ghost in it? The only history we did at school was Henry the eight, the dinosaurs and Pete Marsh - a man preserved in a bog. I'm self taught for the rest so I have um, gaps.

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