Saturday, March 20, 2010


I think I'm just about coming back down to Earth after all the excitement. Mr Nell says he's going to become my PA as the phone hasn't stopped ringing and I'm still catching up with emails.
When we called home from the awards to let our family know I'd won. My youngest belle, Miss La asked, 'what exactly did you get when you won?'
I told her the trophy, the rosebowl for a year and a cheque.
She then asked, 'is there enough for a dog?'
Sigh, no, we aren't getting a dog. Much as I would like one, we aren't home enough to care for one properly. I think I may be getting more fish though.
I also need to think about a new laptop as the belles have managed to break the hinge on mine and the letter S has fallen off. Considering I only paid £150 fror it from ebay over two years ago, it's done well.
Now though, it's back to catching up with the laundry, writing a report for the day job, restocking the pantry and running the belles to dance, netball, cricket, morris dancing and sign language. Oh, and a small matter of writing a book - 75K to go by July - eek!

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The English Writer said...

No pressure on yourself then Nell?! What a lovely feeling though. Good luck - though I somehow doubt you need it these days : )