Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good days

Yesterday was good. It's always great to spend time with like-minded people and the time went way too quickly. Today was hectic again at the day job but we got lots of stuff sorted out so that was a relief. Even better was getting an email from my lovely editor telling me she loved Just look at Me Now and there were no revisions - yay! Just a few little bits after copy edits. I have been so worried about this story in case i'd somehow forgotten how to write third person and that i hadn't managed to do the story justice - it's quite a complex plot in some respects and involves a lot of intense emotional stuff. Kim, my poor cp has been very patient with my constant emails of 'ignore that bit - I'll add it later or I'm going to change that'. It's a load off my mind to be told it's worked. So, yay for my backward editing process.Me, You and Him is going well too, I'm officially one third of the way through. A very good day!
Oh, and to add to my day - I just found the cover to the Indonesian version of Blue Remembered heels!


Phillipa said...

I had a really helpful time too.:) Well done on the new book and what a lovely Indonesian cover

The English Writer said...

I love the Blue Heels Remembered cover Nell! And glad all going well with the new novel, Karen.

Ms Menozzi said...

Oh, you silly thing! It's been a pleasure to read through and offer what suggestions I can. Seeing as how I work the same way (the "forget that part - ignore it, I'm fixing it later sort of thing), it's never been a problem.

I'm thrilled that copy edits are all that's left, too. And here you were worried, as I recall, about getting it done?


I *told* you it would be fine!

Congrats on that, by the way.

Now, let's get back to work on Me, You and Him!
*cracks whip*

Julie Cohen said...