Monday, March 22, 2010

Mad, mad Monday

This past week has been a blur. The RNA's PR team at Midas, a lovely lady called Niamh, has been working her socks off. I've never done so many press interviews. I even got to talk live with Sophie Dahl on the Joanne Mallin breakfast show at BBC radio WM. Today I'm being photographed twice for various publications. This has meant trying to tidy up after three teenagers and a hubby with man flu! I also have to take the belles to the dentist after school and get shopping, write more on the book and pack for my day job trip to Bournemouth on Wednesday.
To make matters worse my back isn't good at the moment. I suspect the standing in London has triggered the nerves in my lower spine off again so I'm dosed up on painkillers and antihistimines for the tree pollen that bugs me at this time of year.
Red eyes, dopey expression - I've the perfect face for radio.


Julie Day said...

What it is to be popular eh? Back to reality now though.

The English Writer said...

Lol! Good luck!