Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy St David's Day

I've been trying to catch up on all the things I don't do when I'm on a deadline. You know like shop, clean, put away laundry - sigh.My bedroom is now dustfree and dejunked so there's a start. I need to catch up on my accounts paperwork and then I can tackle the office. Today though I had to deal with the pressing issue of buying undergarments for under the frock I plan to wear to the awards lunch. Clothes shopping is so depressing when you aren't a skinny person. I managed to find a flesh coloured bra (in case the straps show) and because it's a frock I bought tights. I hate tights - if I manage to get them on without making a hole and get to London without destroying them it will be a miracle. There is a reason why I always wear trousers.
I haven't heard back on Just Look at Me Now yet from my agent but my editor has sent me the beautimous cover for it today which I'll share with you as soon as I can. It's fab - very, very girly and lovely. It cheered me up after my discovery that my bra size is roughly the same as my head size.


Pat Posner said...

There's something about March 1st isn't there, Nell!
Can't wait to see your cover.


Michelle Styles said...

Oh hugs.

YOu need to go to a small lingerie shop if you can. I am lucky. The one in Hexham (Petals) is run by a woman who is Rigby and Peller trained and she knows her stuff. She also knows how to create the silhouette that you need.
Not unsurpisingly, I discovered that I was wearing the wrong sized bra...Each time you buy a bra, you have to try it on...Anyway, I swear by her and the undergarments are competitively priced.