Saturday, March 06, 2010

Looking Forward

Now Just Look at me Now is on my lovely editors desk, I've lots of things I'm looking forward to. The RNA lunch on the 16th - meeting my editor and agent and all my RNA friends. I am so excited to be going and even more excited that I'm shortlisted! All the books on the final lists are wonderful reads and so different that I'm heartily glad that I'm not a judge.
I'm looking forward to exploring what to write next and enjoying working on Me, You and Him, my speculative project in the meanwhile. I can't wait to take the caravan to Denham so we'll have a home from home to escape to away from the madness that is London. I'd love to try and fit in a visit to Cliveden while we're away as I understand it's not too far away. I'm also going to have lunch with two of my favourite writerly friends before the end of the month.
In the day job I've the UKPHA conference at Bournemouth to enjoy. My jobshare and I are going for both days and our abstract was accepted for presentation so we're going to be presenting too - yippee!
What is everyone else looking forward to this month?


Alice Audrey said...

Wow, you have so much going on. Congrats on being short listed!

liz fenwick said...

Looking forward to seeing you at the lunch :-)


Nell Dixon said...

Hi Alice, how lovely to see you here!

Nell Dixon said...

Liz, can't wait to see you on the 16th!

Phillipa said...

Mother's Day and seeing CJ P xxx