Monday, March 29, 2010

Smelling the coffee

The coffee crew are meeting for lunch today - yippee! Looking forward to a nice relaxing day. The last two weeks have been manic and tomorrow my jobshare partner and I have somehow managed to schedule four full on back to back meetings. We also have a huge report we're busy assembling.
Me You and Him is progressing nicely, I'm a third of the way through and plan to get a huge chunk done this month - reports and the day job permitting. It's a bit eerie though - the book has a supernatural kind of element and while I was researching a few bits yesterday I found that subconciously I had included some interlinked stuff that I hadn't been aware of but which made the story so much more coherent and tighter. eg Walnut trees live for hundreds of years and Myrtle is supposed to only grow well if a woman plants it - in victorian times it was included in bridal wreaths and grown either side of the door it brings peace to the house. In my story the cottage is Myrtle Cottage and there is a walnut tree in the garden and the name of the cottage was changed in the victorian era - spooky huh?

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The English Writer said...

Definately. But shows it's meant to be, Karen.