Monday, October 01, 2007

Cleaning is bad for you.

Yes, I'm still cleaning and clearing. I found a drawer full of my diaries last night, one for every year going back to 1983. Wow! It was like a journey back in time - sadly some years were much to painful to look at and I wondered why I kept them. I still can't bring myself to throw them away which seems crazy.
The other sad part was looking back I realise my weight is unaltered since 2003 - put some on, lost a little - sigh. Guess I'd better keep up with weightwatchers in the hope that this might be the one that works. I'm also three and a half stones heavier now than I was back in 1983.
The overall effect of this is very depressing. I know now why I don't have these mass clearouts very often. 1} I don't usually have time and 2} It makes me miserable. Why do I never find good stuff - like money?
In better news though I've started writing Animal Instincts. I know I'll chop and change the opening a bit but I quite like what I have so far. My aim is to finish the first chapter this week and I might write a short story too.


Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Nell.

Snap on the weight difference. (And I was overweight in 1983, before I went to uni...)

This is why my office can stay a tip for the time being :o)

Janet said...

Why don't you start a weight loss challenge on your blog? Ask for other writers to join you in losing say 2lbs a week, until you reach your goal. Weighing in day could be Tuesday and everyone would committed to posting their weekly weight loss.

It's surprising how having to publicly declare your weekly weight loss (or not!) motivates you to lose weigh.

And I will join you too, of course.

Ray-Anne said...

Nell. I think you might be channelling Jenny Crusie - she is cleaning, and has just found a piece she does not recall writing!


Phillipa said...

Nell - hugs BUT to cheer you up quick, take a look at Amazon. YOur blurb is up - and it sounds BRILLIANT. Mine's up too - just think back 18 months how neither of us could imagine this happening to us simultaneously.Do you remember us sitting at 'that' talk at the conference, hardly able to contain ourselves...

Ray-Anne said...

How about a cathartic Viking Burial burning ceremony with you and the belles dancing around the flames.
Woad and leather clothing are optional.
and helmets.