Monday, November 19, 2007

Birthday Boo

Today is my middle belles birthday. Miss Boo is eleven today and tonight my house is being invaded by lots of other eleven year old girls for a High School Musical Themed party. This means HSM music, games, food, prizes etc. We're having pizza so they can all put their own toppings on, popcorn, fudge brownies, hotdogs and chips and dips. They're going to get their goodie bags emptyish at the start of the party then as we play the games they'll add their loot to the bags. I've lots of loot. Hair stuff in pass the parcel, pencils for musical statues, silver coloured rings and sweets in the party pulina, chocolate in HSM mini lockers for kiss Troy Bolton (This is blindmans buff - they put lipshaped kisses on his poster - closest to the lips wins)HSM chocolate lollies for best dancer, singer, outfit, hair etc.
First however I have to clean and tidy the house, put up the decorations etc. It's snowing here too, the same as it did the day she was born, a little premmie 5lb 20z baby in a snowbound hospital eleven years ago.


Ray-Anne said...

I am totally impressed that you are so incredibly organised and into party planning.
Methinks you may have done this before LOL. Goodie bags for 11 year olds? Lucky gals.
They are going to have a brill time. Are you planning the role of the music teacher... Now That's Show Biz!!
No snow here - just wet and windy.
Enjoy- Ray-Anne

Jessica Raymond said...

Aw :) Hope the party goes brilliantly!

Jess x

Phillipa said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Boo and hope the HSM party goes well. We had a fair bit of snow too. See you on Friday x

Phillipa said...

Hope the party is a blast. (Are my messages working?!)

Michelle Styles said...

No snow here, but it sounds like she is going to have a fab party.

And I do remember that 11 years ago,November was quite snowy. We moved to this house then and had trouble getting packing crates due to the snow...

Kate Hardy said...

How lovely - and a little snow, too, to remind you of her birthday. Bless.

Happy birthday to your daughter. Hope she has a FAB day and they all have a great time at the party.

(Love the plans. And I applaud you on your organisational skills - I loathe parties and all the worry about whether the things in the goodie bags are all right and... Sigh. We haven't quite got to sleepovers yet, but the thought brings me out in a cold sweat!)

No snow yet in the east, though the sky is a strange colour.