Sunday, November 04, 2007

X factor

I love reality trash TV. So as usual I've been glued to X factor. Then last night - well - what happened? I can't believe the two groups were in the bottom two. Admittedly the girls had a stinky Madonna song and were drowned out by the band but even so.
It's quite funny to watch the blatant touting for the sections of population that they think they can get votes from. The Scots lad and the Welsh lad - the two who should have been in the bottom two - get their nationality votes, Beverley, who by the way I think is great, is for the Mum vote, Same Difference get the young vote, The girls and boys get their admirers, Niki gets the older vote but the funniest sight of the night had to be Rhydian.
He arrived in a silver suit and fur coat and sang I'm coming out. Guess which section he was after - camper than a row of tents!!!


Sally Lawton said...

I agree, can't believe both groups were in the bottom.
Rhydian is brilliant, I love him. Did you see the backstage bits of him rehearsing, looking casual in jeans and a t-shirt? I found him strangely attractive then had to slap myself accross the face... no, I can't fancy him! He just makes me smile.

Biddy said...

You've got to love Rhydian! He is just brilliant...
I agree Andy should have been in the bottom two but I don't think the groups have the XFactor. They can sing but they are all a bit 'blah'.

Amanda Ashby said...

Sniffle. I miss X-factor so much. In fact I miss all the UK tv. Wah.

Nell said...

I'd feel sorry for you Amanda except you happen to be living in a gorgeous place. lol.
Rhydian is fun isn't he? I just wish he'd be in the bottom two because we might see a more vulnerable side to him.