Saturday, November 10, 2007

Suddenly feels like winter

The weather has turned more wintery and suddenly I can believe that Christmas is just a few weeks away. At least this year I know what I need to buy for people. The belles have been drawing up a list for Santa. I think he may struggle a bit this year. Boo wants all of Hannah Montana's clothes, a pink chocolate fountain and a cash machine. Shaggy would settle for David Tennant with a bow on and La would like money, gel pens, bindeez (this is the toy they've just done a recall on for poisoning kids) and anything High School Musical.
What would be on your wish list for Santa?


Kate Hardy said...

I think Shaggy will have to fight Julie Cohen *g*

I love the idea of a pink chocolate fountain. Madam would like that. (And the gel pens.)

Bindeez are the same as Hama Beads, aren't they? (We had the Disney Princess version of that - Madam loved it.)

I'd like a magic wand for Christmas so I can put a bit of sparkle in other people's lives.

Ray-Anne said...

Oh, now that is a question.
Of course you are FAR too young to recall the TV show Worsel Gummidge about a scarecrow which comes to life, but one of the features was that Worsel could swap his 'turnip' head for a 'clever' head.
Yes please. Thank you. If it is not too much trouble Santa.
LOL :-)

Christina Phillips said...

Oh my gosh. David Tennant. I'll take him without the bow, no problem! (sorry Shaggy... and Julie... lol!)

Phillipa said...

On my Santa list?

World peace of course ... and a Radley handbag!

See you soon for coffee and bacon butty x