Saturday, November 24, 2007


Yesterday was a really nice day. I got to spend time with Allison, Pip and Liz (Liz has a book being published by Hale in April called The Paradise Will. If you like regencies look out for it as it sounds great) As usual the time went too quickly but at least I now have a signed copy of Wish you were here to read! Yay
Today I took Boo to Merry Hill or Merry Hell as it's known at this time of year. She had a Build a Bear card for her birthday and wanted to choose her bear and make it. We went early as traffic is chaos and the belles have dance classes today plus Miss Boo had a friends birthday party to attend.
We parked and went to walk into the centre, it had been raining on the way in but I hadn't noticed the floor wasn't just wet - it was icy.
Ouch. I have a bruise on my good hip and I jarred all my wrist. To add to my hmiliation a very nice kind man saw me fall and came over to help me up. Then after Boo had chosen her bear (Pink, fluffy, called Popcorn) the assistant had problems with the till. Finally we made it into M&S to buy a Dr Who present for Boo's friends birthday and their scanner wasn't working.
I think someone was trying to tell me to stay home today.


Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Nell - Merry Hell PLUS ice isn't a good combo. Hope the bruise and jarring heal quickly.

I think someone was telling you to stay home with a nice cuppa and a box of chocolates...

Jessica Raymond said...

Ow! Hope it feels better soon.

Jess x

Nell said...

At least I have lots of padding so my dignity took the biggest hit. lol

Phillipa said...

I had a lovely time with you all too but v sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you are feeling better. Px

Lis said...

Hope the fall didn't/isn't causing you too much pain!