Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poorly baby

My youngest daughter is home sick. This is such an unusual occurance that it shocks everyone who knows her. La is one of those tall, skinny children who look frail but in reality she eats like a horse and is as tough as old boots.
She hates missing school and is really miserable at not feeling well poor girl. We've been passing the time reading, tidying her toys, playing therapists and talking.
Here's one of our conversations.
La - Some people in my class don't believe in Santa Claus.
Me - Don't they?
La - No, they say it's just your Mom and Dad.
Me - Well, you know me and Daddy buy lots of your presents.
La - But you would tell me wouldn't you, if there wasn't a Santa? (fixes me with big blue puppy dog stare) After all I'l have children of my own one day and I'll need to know.

Oh boy, I hope she's better soon.


Jessica Raymond said...

((Hugs)) for La. Yikes re: the Santa question!

Jess x

Michelle Styles said...

My stock reply: there has to be a spirit of CHristmas as otherwhse, so many children would not get presents. You (the child in question) of course are loved and would have presents from Mommy and Daddy no matter what, but think about those poor children whose parents could not careless and the only time that they given something is at Christmas. Now you tell me -- and the spirit of Christmas doesn't have to wear the garments that Cocoa cola drew from him...
Hope this helps...
Oh and I always say that even experessing the slightest hint of disbelief means that he will not come and do you really want that to happen!

Danica/Dream said...

I hope she gets well too.

I like Michelle's answer.

And I feel like such a dork. I am a mean, horrible, bad friend and I apologize. I keep seeing your blog comments and not being able to comment back, and I think, huh, I wonder why I can't find Nell's blog.

And DUH!!! It's on my link sidebar.

I'm a dork. And I'm sorry. I'll do better, I promise!

Ray-Anne said...

Poor baby.
Poor mummy!
I wrote a note for Santa yesterday asking him not to forget the external USB drive I need.
He has so many other things to think of, he might forget!
The DH offered to post it for me.
Isn't that sweet?

Hope she is better soon.
Take care all, Ray-Anne :-)

Kate Hardy said...

Hope she's feeling better soon.

And that's a scary question - my eldest already thinks he knows the answer, but he's keeping quiet for his little sister's sake.

Nell said...

Dream, you could never be a bad friend! I tell my girls that magic exists if we just look for it.