Sunday, November 25, 2007

X factor again

I'm gutted that Beverley is out and Hopeless are still in. I think Beverley has so much potential and really just needs a good voice coach to help her make the most of her voice.
Hopeless sang a really dire song and once again Phoebe did all the work. Niki struggled to hit the notes and hadn't enough oomph to take the song up a notch. Leon was better this week and thankfully didn't attempt to dance. Same Difference were really good as usual. I hope the rumours about Disney being interested in them are true as I think they could be huge in that market. Rhydian played safe this week after last weeks amazing debacle.
But was it me or did anyone else think that when Mrs O split the judges decision so the public vote was counted, did you think that she thought Hopeless would go? She looked pretty stunned when the vote was revealed.


Biddy said...

Pretty much agree with your round up there. Rhydian played it safe but it did show he can hold the stage without gimmicks.

I do think Mrs O's plan backfired. Hope should have gone. They were lackluster and bland.

The girl in Same Difference does scare me though. She reminds me of Reece Witherspoon in 'Election' *shudder*

Ray-Anne said...

Mr Ray-Anne watches this show and insisted on recording it - just in case I fancied watching it later - then giving me a step by step account of each performance.

I was on hedgehog watch when it was on. Are they asleep yet?

I think I need to go back to the 'Get A Life' Club. Or start watching TV!
Clearly I am missing out...LOL :-)

Ray-Anne said...

PS. Mr Ray-Anne has just read your post and said that you are spot on - especially about Mrs O.