Saturday, November 17, 2007


Update on the fishy babies. We have two, one is grey and speckly and the other is orange. They are both a centimetre long and are getting braver, swimming in and out of the weed and playing more. The grey one (Babycakes) is shyer, while the orange one (Fishface) is bolder and stays out longer. We have no clue as to the proud parents so they could be Platys or possibly Mollies.
I finished c4 of Animal Instincts, yay! I don't know how much I'll do this week with everything thats going on but I'm hoping I'll get some words down.
In other news I've lots of baby congratulations for my friends.
Angie - on the safe arrival of Isabella.
Sheila - on the safe arrival of Jefferson.
Carol - on the safe arrival just today of Nathan.

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