Sunday, June 01, 2008


Back to a mountain of dirty laundry and an empty fridge. Nothing new there then! Everyone I've met since we got back yesterday evening seems amazed that I look as if I've caught some sun. That would be because despite a couple of damp days we actually had some really nice ones and the belles got to spend quite a bit of time at the beach, in the sea. We visited some new places as well as some old favourites. This year we didn't have the added excitement of hunting for Colin Firth but you can't have everything.
I didn't do any writing at all while I was away - the first time in years - and I didn't read as much as I'd planned either. I read some short stories but even though I had Olivia Gates new book for Desire, which, incidentally has the most gorgeous cover, I didn't read it. I'm keeping that for when I get some nice quiet time so I can savour it all in one go.
Hopefully, I'll now be fully refreshed and ready to start my other projects.

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