Sunday, June 15, 2008

This and that

Happy Father's Day.
My Dad and Mr Nell's dad seemed happy with their gifts this morning. Mr Nell is busy enjoying watching the wildlife on his new feeders so thats all good.
I'm a bit worried about my angel fish, Brad and Angelina. They may look pretty but they are the dumbest fish I've ever owned. They've both grown since I had them and look very lovely, languishing about the tank but they keep getting themselves trapped in a small space between one of the clumps of weed and the wall of the tank. Twice now we've spotted them looking wild eyed and panicky when the other fish have gone to collect food and they have been stuck. I think some pruning of the weed is called for since Brad and Angie can't seem to grasp that they can't fit in their old gaps anymore.
In other news Moonlit Romance and By Grace publishing have a great new forum for you all to hang out on. Best of all you can win books! GO HERE and register, chat and hang out. Lots of cool excerpts and stuff to read.

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