Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shiny synopsis

I have a rough synopsis now for Crystal Clear. The emphasis is on the word rough lol. I need to do a bit of polishing before I send it to my agent. I've started the third chapter of Crystal Clear - see, I know in my head how it's all going to work but I know that the outline I do for it now will be different from the finished book as it's the kind of story that will meander off the track a bit I think.
I've been really busy too writing up publicity and promo things for Blue Remembered Heels.
Today I got an advance copy in the post - huge, giant squee as it looks so lovely. It was a real OMG this is happening moment!


Michelle Styles said...

Hooray for your advance copies!!!!

I suspect that you will have a number of the OMG moments, particularly when you first go into a bookstore and see it on display.

I am sure Crystal Clear will be wonderful.

Kate Hardy said...

That's great, Nell!

I just wish that it was out BEFORE the RNA conf so I could get you to sign me a copy. (Is it in the conf bookshop, though? If so, I'll be purchasing early and will give you a violet pen if you sign *g*)

Jessica Raymond said...

Ooh, how exciting!! I cannot WAIT to see it :) :)