Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunny day

The sun has finally made a more permanent appearance here. So nice to start wearing summer clothes even if some of them appear to have shrunk on the hangers since last year. My new job is keeping me busy but in a nice way. I'm so happy that I made the move and am working with a really great team. We've lots of exciting things in the pipeline and it's good to be in a positive environment.
The first chapter of Crystal Clear is done and I'm feeling hopeful about this story. It's different again from my other stories and probably won't have a suspense element in it - but then again that may change as I do like a little touch of drama with my romance.
I'm counting down the days till Blue Remembered Heels is launched. I'll be putting up some times for a cyber launch as well as the one I have planned at Waterstones so all my overseas and far away friends can join in too. I suppose I'll be angsting next over people liking my story as much as I do. Authors are never happy lol.

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