Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Irons and fires

I've been feeling unsettled all day today. Maybe it's the weather, I don't know. More likely is that I've a few irons in a few different fires now and it makes me feel restless. I've a project I can't tell you about that I'm waiting on. I have two short stories out there and my agent has Animal Instincts that I'm waiting to hear on too. I have some chapters done on both of my new books and a few old projects that I'm thinking I might take another look at.
Lots of stuff going on at home too with the belles all having tons of stuff coming up. Dance exams - again, daytrips and residential stays and holiday plans.
Work is busy this week too. I'm womanning a stall at an event tomorrow and again at a different event on Thursday plus my regular healthy walk group on Friday amongst other things. My kitchen is full of exotic fruit ready for people to taste on the stalls and I'm trying to round up all the bits I need to take with me for the day tomorrow. Should be lots of fun.

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