Sunday, January 25, 2009

And there is light!

I haven't had a working in light in my office for months. I had a three light spotlight on the ceiling but it was so old that as the bulbs went you couldn't get them out. Because my office is reached through an archway off the landing it doesn't have a door and the landing has good light so it wasn't urgent to fix the lighting. Now though I have a lovely glass and chrome halogen spotlight and it's very bright in here now.The electrician from along the street came and put it up for me and I feel all floodlit. (The pic is of my office but you can't see the light)
Yes, I do have bats on my desk, yes, that is a purple monkey hanging from my chair, and yes, of course there's coffee in that mug lol.
One and a half more chapters done on Crystal Clear - hoping to finish the other chapter today then I can edit chapter's 7 and 8 of A Scattering of Leaves and maybe start chapter nine as I will have hit my targets for this month - YAY!!!


Sally Lawton said...

I love your office. Pleased your new lighting is shining brightly for you! x

Jessica Raymond said...

I love seeing pictures of writer's offices :)

Julie Cohen said...

It looks like you have a lovely view from your window as you write.