Monday, January 05, 2009


We woke up this morning to two inches of snow. Miss la had to don her wellies to head off for school. The other two aren't back till tomorrow and had a shopping trip planned. Miss Boo has now spent her Christmas and birthday loot on an ipod nano and docking station. Miss shaggy is waioting till after her birthday on Sunday to decide what to spend her cash on. I spent my money too - I was intending to spend it in M&S, I wanted jeans, work trousers, tops etc but after looking through the racks a chat with the staff confirmed my suspicions. You can be tall and thin or short and fat but you can't be short and thin or tall and fat. They have cut back the size options on the ends of their clothing ranges so my chances of getting any new trousers that looked as if they hadn't fallen out with my ankles was precisely nil.
Fortunately the sale was still on in Jacques Vert so I now have a very beautiful black suit (see pic) and a gorgeous top. I think I'll have to give up on the jeans for yet another year unless I manage to stick with my weight loss plan.
It's been two days - why aren't I thin already?


Angelique Newman said...

Love the outfit Nell! Very elegant.

Lis said...

Beautiful suit Nell!