Thursday, January 29, 2009

sun and shadow

I have a panel of material that I stick across the window of my office when the sun comes through and I can't see the computer screen. My office faces south and you all know how much I hate curtains. So a few weeks ago I couldn't read my screen so I put up the panel - ever since then it's been grey and yucky and dark. Should I take the panel down? What do think? I'm placing bets that the minute I do the sun will be out again.


Anonymous said...

I use roller blinds. Quick and easy to install and you can adjust them to how much light you need. Blackout blinds are best - use with a natural light lamp if needed for task lighting - but some folks like lacey ones - just to take the edge of.
So much choice. So many decisions,..,LOL

Nell Dixon said...

I used to have a vertical blind - once many years ago. I have a roller blind in my bathroom and thought about one for my office but I hate that closed in feeling I get whenever I look at blinds and curtains - pathetic I know but I like looking at sky and trees and my panel just blocks the sun at the right angle allowing me to still be nosy