Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cyber hand holding

I love my network of writing friends - some of them I've never met in real life as we are geographically so far away but knowing they are there is so wonderful. A Scattering of Leaves - well the first thirdish of the book - has just gone to my agent for her opinion. It's a story I'm loving writing but because it's different from my other work I've been really nervous about my ability to pull it off.
This is where my lovely friends are so terrific, Kimberly, my new cp, in Italy,who is a very talented writer herself, Lis, my fabulous beta reader and friend in Canada, Laura, my former editor and great friend in the US and of course Jess - all of whom give me sensible advice and help me to tell the wood from the trees.
So, while I'm waiting for the verdict I'm cracking on with Crystal Clear and I'm moving on with A Scattering of Leaves. I'm on target so far despite my family's best efforts this week to stop me from writing anything by constantly squabbling and interrupting while I'm working. I need a door for my office.

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Ms Menozzi said...

For the record, I'm glad to be of service! I'm also enjoying the benefit of a CP who makes precise and fantastic changes when my own WIP gets a bit wonky. ;)

Thanks for your work too, Nell. :)