Friday, January 09, 2009

Back in the human race

I got my hair cut today and my highlights redone so now I'm blonde again. Finished another chapter on Crystal Clear and started on the next one. Very satisfying to see my word count beginning to creep up again. I'm still working on A Scattering of Leaves, polishing at the moment but I plan to get cracking on a new chapter soon. I've been fortunate enough to have some good input from a couple of writing friends and it's all coming together a bit more now.
The plumber has just fixed my leaky dishwasher pipe under my sink and plumbed in my new kitchen taps so now they don't drip any more - hooray! I've had ones with the knock down and knock up switches on so Mr Nell doesn't have to twist them. They look very smart.
One of my colleagues told me I looked svelte yesterday - so it looks as if my sacrifice of the custard creams is working.

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