Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More protesting

Tonight is the meeting with the faithbased sponsor for the proposed new academy. That should prove interesting! I, along with many other parents, have been doing my homework and so far I am not at all impressed. We'll see what the answers are to our questions.
Writing wise I completed chapter eight of A Scattering of Leaves, so now I'm back into Crystal Clear. Phillipa Ashley and I are planning a joint launch for Animal Instincts and It Should Have Been Me so if you are around the Merry Hill Centre on March 7th between 12 and 2 come and say Hi!
The picture is one Mr Nell took with his new camera at Far Forest over the weekend. Woods always feel spooky and mysterious to me and just a little scary.


Julie Day said...

Good luck with the meeting tonight. I hope that you get what you want.
I wish I could be at your book launch but you live too far for me to come so please could you post some pics on here after the event.

You are now linked on my website, Nell. It does work as I've checked it.

Sally Lawton said...

Hoping to pop over and see you and Phillipa.

Love the photo by the way x

Michelle Styles said...

Will be there in spirit!

Good luck with your protesting.