Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last night I attended a meeting to allegedly consult with parents and other interested parties proposals to merge the belle's school with another school. The other school, unlike the belle's school is a failing school and our council lured by the thought of sparkly new buildings are planning to sell all the kids down the river by opting for an academy backed by a faithbased sponsor.
It doesn't seem to register that the schools would be on a split site for years, or that all the best teachers are planning to leave if this goes ahead, or that academy's, by the Govt's own independent commissioners, are known to have a poorer academic record than 'ordinary' schools, or that we have serious concerns over what a faithbased organisation would want to impose on the school, or that they plan to start it all in September! and that this was the first meeting.
Oh, and did I mention said, faithbased sponsor have had such a howling success in Southampton with an academy there that the principal and nineteen teachers quit in a three month period and the pupils rioted in the school?
Hmm, methinks they had better think again because they are in for a fight.


Julie Day said...

I don't blame you and the other parents for putting up a fight. I would too if it was my child that might have their education disrupted like that. I say go for it and hope you win.

Julie Cohen said...

Ugh. Good luck. I hope they listen to the people who really matter—the kids and the parents and the teachers.