Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost May

I can't believe we're almost at the end of April. Where did the year go? I've been in my new day job over twelve months now and it still feels like I just started. It won't be long till Miss La's bithday and she'll be 11. It was bad enough last year when she went into double digits but 11! How did that happen?
On a political note, thank you to everyone who has signed the Gurkha's petition. I hope that someone will soon have the moral backbone to do the decent thing on this issue. Hopefully principles and justice will prevail.
My writing time this week is being eroded and I'm woefully behind where I intended to be so if I become a little bit scarce or my posts become briefer for a while it's because my nose will be firmly attached to the grindstone.


Michelle Styles said...

Did you see about the Government losing a crunch vote on the Gurkhas? Hopefully they will listen this time. All Gurkhas who served with the Armed forces should be allowed to stay. It is v wrong to say -- over 20 years when the majority only serve 15.

Nell Dixon said...

I feel that these men who have risked their lives for the defence of our country deserve to be treated with respect and we owe them a debt of gratitude. They shouldn't be placed in the position that they have to beg for the right to stay here. It should be automatically conferred as a right. I sincerely hope that someone sees sense and rectifys this gross miscarriage of justice.