Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Everything has been hectic since we came home. The belles have tap dancing exams tomorrow so the house is being turned upside down while they hunt up shimmer tights and skirted leotards.
I'm getting a bit nervous now about the radio thing on Tuesday for Radio WM. Fingers crossed I'll find where I'm supposed to go in the centre of Birmingham and don't make too big an idiot of myself.
I've been sorting out Charlie Darling ready for publication, art forms, contracts etc. I'm so thrilled this story is finally going to be published and very excited to be working with Freya's Bower.
I'm also working on Crystal Clear - aditing and polishing ready to send it off to my lovely editor at Little Black Dress. My deadline is June but time seems to have a habit of running away and I know the ending especially will need tweaking and I have some pacing, emotional kinks to wotk out in the first third - nothing mega but I like to try and get it right before my editor sees it. Especially as Animal Instincts didn't get any revisions - somehow I don't think Crystal Clear will be as fortunate although I'll do my best.
By the way if you live in the UK please go HERE and sign this petition. This gross moral outrage makes my blood boil and I'm ashamed that as a nation we are behaving so badly - this single issue more than any other cock up engineered by government illustrates the lack of true moral fibre in our current government

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