Monday, April 06, 2009

Ta dah!!

I finished the first draft of Crystal Clear - 72K so far. I know I need to make a few changes near the start of the story - those are simply geographical details so nothing drastic and the end will need a lot of polishing and fleshing out when I take some fo the repition from the middle and tweak up the emotional layers but Yay! 14000 words in three days!! I did it. Now I can go on holiday for ten days on Friday and come back to it fresh ready to tackle the final polish and edit so my agent can get a look before I send it to my editor.
Once that's all done I'll turn my attentions to A Scattering of Leaves and see if I can bump up the word count on that as I'd love to finish the rough draft on that for September. That leaves me September to April to write Just look at me now and I have that fermenting nicely in my head already.
Now for some book shopping for nice things to read while I'm away.


liz fenwick said...

You go girl! You are amazing.

Phillipa said...

Well done, Nell! Have a lovely break.

Judy Jarvie said...

Phew Nell, well done!

Shirley Wells said...

Well done! I've just finished the first draft of my latest too, and isn't it just the best ever feeling? The fact that my first draft always looks as if it's been written by a 5-year-old is by the by. ;o)

Julie Cohen said...

Wow! Well done! You get to enjoy that holiday now.