Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Golden wedding

Me and Mr Nell

Cutting the Cake

The Happy Couple

The Belles
My parents had a party today for their Golden Wedding. Their anniversary is actually on Saturday but as a lot of people would be away for Easter (including us) they decided to celebrate early. As my parents didn't have a reception when they were married my Dad thought they should have a cake and a party now so we've just come back from a very nice lunch with lots of my parents oldest friends and a few relatives. My brother unfortunately had to work and I should have been in work but luckily I had so much time owed me from doing the course from Hell that I was able to take the day off.
It was a lovely time and I think everyone there really enjoyed catching up with one another. Next year it'll be mine and Mr Nell's silver wedding anniversary - where does the time go? I'm not old enough for all this.


liz fenwick said...

Beautiful! It makes me so happy to see a couple still happy together after all that time!

Phillipa said...

Lovely pics Nell! And I know what you mean about not being old enough... :)

Anonymous said...

What lovely Photos! thank you for sharing them with us. :-)