Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BBC Radio WM

Well, we're back from our big day out to the big city. We set off like Wallace and Grommitt, me and Mr Nell armed with psycho Sally the satnav. The radio station is situated alongside the TV studios in the Mailbox which is in the city centre. (For anyone not from Birmingham, the Mailbox is so named as it used to be the central sorting offices for the postal service now it's an ultra posh place full of shops which have three items in the window and no prices showing. Plus lots of restaurants and a hotel)
Once we'd mastered Birmingham's road system and Sally's last minute instructions - this involved lane changes and bad words from Mr Nell - we arrived. There was a big dalek in reception which was cool but sadly for our eldest belle we didn't take a picture.
Mr Nell accompanied me into the studio which made for very interesting research for me as I've never been inside a studio before. Big Hi at this point to Joanne, Anna and the lovely lady in blue who looked after us and made sure we didn't get lost. Joanne was very kind and time seemed to fly past. If anyone new is stopping by after hearing the show then hello and welcome to you please don't be shy.
We ended up talking not just about blogging but Animal Instincts and also my day job project managing the therapeutic community agriculture gardens. So radio WM may be visiting us there to meet our staff and see the project which would be cool.
Big hugs to all of you who sent me emails and left messages of support. It was good fun and hopefully I didn't say 'um' or witter on too much.

Here's the listen again link - speed through till just after the 11 am news if you just want my bit CLICK HERE


liz fenwick said...

Glad to hear it went well!

Laura Hamby said...

You survived! Sounds like it went well.

Laughing at Mr. Nell saying bad words at the satnav. Mr. Laura also says bad words to his GPS unit, especially when the directions I got from MapQuest are better than what the GPS unit says. Does yours tell you things like "Perform a u-turn now." ???

Did you get a recording of your radio appearance?

Shirley Wells said...

So glad it went well. I knew it would, of course.

I swear at my satnav all the time, too. :o)

Nell Dixon said...

I've posted a listen again link now, I don't know if you'll get it in Dubai Liz, or you in California, Laura. I just sent it to my cp in Italy and she was going to see if it works for her and I think Angie was going to try it in Sweden too - be fun if it does work.

Nell Dixon said...

Okay, so Kimberly emailed to say she heard it in Italy!