Sunday, May 10, 2009

Almost there

Well I've started my backwards edit. Began on C32 and am now on C26 added almost 2k worth of emotional description, dialogue etc and the end of the book is now looking much, much stronger. Hopefully by Tuesday the book will be done, polished and shiny ready for my agent and my editor.
I plan to work on A Scattering of Leaves then for a few weeks to ramp up my word count with that before starting to write my next Little Black Dress book - Just Look at me Now.
The Belle's have received their dance results - highly commended's all round so they're very happy. My youngest belle starts her SATs tests this week and that should then be the last of the exam angst in the house for a little while.

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Julie Day said...

Well done you for all the work on your current wip. Looking forward to reading it when it comes out. And well done for your girls on their dance results. Hopefully all should be calmer in your house now.