Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday La

My youngest belle, Miss La, is 11 today. In September she starts senior school and I can't quite believe she's that old already. When she was born I already had two children under four years of age, one of whom was a prem baby with health issues. Mr Nell was seriously ill with a longterm medical complaint that was still being stabilised. We had a business to run and I was working as a health visitor in a very demanding post.
Fortunately I managed to carry her to term although she was my third caesarian birth but she was actually quite a good baby. Now she's getting all grown up and ready to take on a whole new set of things that will be very different from the sheltered environment of her tiny village school. One things for sure though, she'll always be my baby.


Kate Hardy said...

Lovely pic, Nell. Happy birthday, Miss La (and you share your birthday with my eldest, who's a year older than you are and really enjoying senior school, so I'm sure you'll have a great time in September too).

Phillipa said...

Many Happy returns, Miss La!

P x

Julie Day said...

Wish her many happy returns. I know what you mean about not believing she's that old already. I couldn't believe it when my youngest nephew started secondary school in September just gone. Where did the time go?

Lis said...

A belated Happy Birthday La! :)