Friday, May 01, 2009

Travelling again

Here's another lovely pic taken by my eldest Belle while we were in Dorset. This weekend we're going to be in the Cotswolds. On Monday it's mine and Mr Nell's twenty-fourth wedding anniversary. Hopefully the weather will be nice and I've bought a gadget for the laptop so as the site is supposed to be WiFi enabled I should be able to get t'internet.


liz fenwick said...

Happy anniversary and have a fabulous time.

Nell Dixon said...

Hmm, well I can see my blog, I can leave comments but T moanbils has decided I'm under 18 so can't put up a new post from my gadget unless I hand over my credit card details. So, I'll wait till tomorrow when I'm home to regale you with my doings.

Christina Phillips said...

Happy Anniversary, Nell!!