Sunday, May 31, 2009

Travellers return

We had a lovely time in the Devon sunshine. My appologies for the lack of posts - not only does T Moanbile struggle with me being over eighteen but the web and walk didn't walk very far - it proved to be more of a slow and pathetic crawl that ground to a juddering halt every few seconds. I'd forgotten the reception down around Torbay is so patchy.
Still, the sun shone and we did - well very little actually. We pottered around places during the morning then went back to the van on the afternoons to barbecue and laze around in the sunshine while the girls put on their bikini's and hit the pool.
I still haven't been inside Greenaways - sigh. Partly because it's so tricky to get to. It would be okay if I was on my own but a busride and rivertrip for five plus all the entrance fees is very expensive plus I don't think my hip will allow me to manage the uphill walk from the boat through the gardens to the house. Maybe next time.
We had lovely times in Dartmouth, Torquay, Paignton and Dawlish. We also visited Plymouth to the new Drake's Circus shopping centre during the only showery day. Not impressed at all by the centre - from the outside it looks great but inside it's very poorly planned - not enough lifts, no signs - they rely on electronic booths, not enough toilets and all the refreshment stands together on one floor - the top floor. I don't recomend it. It was also very expensive compared to Exeter, which is a much lovelier place to go.
Now I'm back to a mountain of washing - as per usual but at least the sun is shining so I can dry it and the wait for my editors verdicton Crystal Clear - I sense tweaking.
Also waiting for my agents thoughts on A Scattering of Leaves. In the meantime I'll plough on with Just Look at me now and keep my fingers crossed!


Olga said...

Nell, glad you're back and that you had good time!

Phillipa said...

Welcome home, Nell. :)