Sunday, May 17, 2009


Last night was one of our family's favourite nights of the year. The musical carcrash that is Eurovision. Naff costumes, ott frocks, mournful dirges and athletic youths leaping about the stage whilst attempting not to set their hair on fire while the wind machine blows a gale. Whats not to love? Sadly, Sir Terry Wogan's commentary was missing last night and we were left with Graham Norton - still he only managed to insinuate three or four gay puns into his commentary so maybe there's hope.
Our entry was Jayde, a girl who would have been booted from the X Factor in the early stages singing a song which had only three lyric lines and featured Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber playing piano. He'd wisely done a runner it seemed when it became apparant that Norway - who had a guy with eyebrows like two wayward caterpillars - was going to storm it.
Our favourites were Turkey - who had lots of belly dancers in red singing what we all though was 'shake your tictacs' and Ukraine who seemed to have raided a fancydress shop and had roman soldiers and discobeat. Azerbaijan were also good fun as was Denmarks imitation Ronan Keating. Best fun of all though was Greece, featuring a guy who looked like Chico's twin who sang and danced on top of a giant stapler.
Marvellous - roll on next year!
Watch Norway Here

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