Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Post book blues

I always feel a bit flat and kind of lost when I've completed a book. At the moment my agent has two of my projects so I'm waiting for the verdicts before I work any more on those. I hadn't planned to start my next book for Little Black dress till after my holiday but the opening scene has been nagging and nagging at me so yesterday I caved in and wrote 700 words.
Just Look at me Now is already looking to be very different from my other three Little Black Dress books, for a start this story is unrolling in third person wheras Blue Remembered Heels, Animal Instincts and Crystal Clear are all first person. Hmmm, I'll see how that goes as I get a little more into it but I already feel a bit perkier just knowing I've got a project underway.


Julie Cohen said...

I know the lost feeling and send you hugs for it.

But I'm still very envious!!

Do something nice just for yourself.

Shirley Wells said...

I know that lost feeling too.

Glad you've started on the next project though.

Kate Hardy said...

Me, too, so hugs!

Starting the next will help. And of course you need a treat for you :o)

Lis said...

:) Doesn't look like those post book blues are going to last too long lol