Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Spit and polish

Crystal Clear is shaping up I hope. I've almost finished taking out my hit list words that I love to over use and I've smoothed a few anomalies, just one last one to rewrite so it becomes clearer and helps make more sense of the ending. Then once it's all stripped and clean I start the big adit, where I work through backwards looking at each phrase to see if the emotional impact is there and adding in the final parts that will hopefully make Azure and Drew's story come to life. I'm quite fond of Azure - she makes a big journey during the book. Next comes the nailbiting bit - sending it to my agent and my lovely editor for their verdict.
In other news though I've seen a mock up for the cover of Charlie Darling and it's wow! Completely different from any of my other covers but in a good way! Exciting stuff - no news on the release date yet and I know I have edits etc to come but still exciting.

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Jessica Raymond said...

You actually work *backwards*? I'm sure I should know that, but I don't! How do you do it?