Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lemmings in lycra

What is it about donning a cycle helmet and skintight lycra that seems to rob cyclists of any kind of road sense? This morning I encountered two of them on my way to work. Bear in mind I work in the inner city on the outskirts of our second city so not exactly your quiet country lanes. It was foggy enough to require headlights.
Lemming number one in requisite lycra and helmet comes cycling out of a bus lane, across a red light and hasn't any lights on.
Lemming number two is on a busy duel carriageway weaving in and out of the temporarily halted traffic, no lights and cuts across the three lanes at the island because he's in the wrong lane.
Sometimes it's like Deathrace 2000

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Julie Day said...

My mum will know what you mean after this morning. Coming back from getting the paper, she saw one cyclist ride across the road in front of a car, nearly having his chips (Mum's words), and his friend who was left behind was laughing his head off. What he found funny I don't know. They do seem think that the red light isn't for them from what I've seen.