Saturday, February 27, 2010

Caravans and boats

Yesterday, Mr Nell and I went to the NEC to the caravan and boat show. Most of you know we have a touring caravan which we use as much as possible so it was fun to see all the new shiny ones which are on the market. In fact, as hotel prices in London are beyond mine and Mr Nell's budget we're taking the tourer to Denham for the Love Story of the Year awards and commuting in to London by train from there. At £30 for two nights on the lovely caravan club site it was a bit of a no-brainer.
Even better, at the show yesterday I found one of my favourite places has now upgraded it's touring facilities so I've booked to go there for October half-term. Clacton-on-sea here we come. I can't wait. We've had such wonderful holidays there, always in October. The belles are over the moon as we know it so well and we're busy planning trips to our favourite places - the pier, Frinton, Colchester - I love Colchester, the shopping village, the freeport shopping near Stansted. Can you tell I'm excited? The beach there is fab and the belles have always paddled even in the Autumn. We love walking through the gardens along the seafront and visiting the Martello towers. Maybe I'm a secret Essex girl.


L-Plate Author said...

For a moment when I saw your comment on Facebook, Nell, I thought you were camping in a tent! It just didn't go with the image of a shortlisted finalist!

And it's like a mini adventure doing it that way.

I've been to Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, a friend of mine lives there and I fell in love with it on first sight. It's great to go back to places with lots of memories and make lots more. I hope you have a great time. x

Kate Hardy said...

I have to be partisan here... as an Essex girl. (And I got engaged on Leigh-on-Sea.)

Essex is a wonderful place! (And I'm back there next weekend for a research trip that involves eating cake with my bestest family.) (I should add, I pay my research team in cake. We're castle-hunting.)