Friday, January 26, 2007

Agents and other stuff

I had an offer of representation yesterday from the agent who was looking at Charlie Darling. After a lot of research and thought I decided not to go with the offer. No doubt I'll kick myself at some point in the future about this decision but at the moment it feels right.
I finished the first chapter of my new medical and sent it to Jessica. Hopefully I've got the tone right but I'll see what she thinks.
My next step is to finish the chapter of Places To Go and send her that, then tackle chapter two of the medical. No news yet from M&B but I had two lovely emails, one from Shirley who was my editor at Peoples Friend for Marrying Max. It was so nice to hear from her as she was excited about the shortlisting. The other one was from Angela James at Samhain. Samhain have taken up the e book rights for Marrying Max so they are very thrilled too.


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Lis said...

Wow, spam specifically for writers, I'm almost impressed lol

*hugs* I think you made the right choice w/ the agent. If your gut says no, go with it. But on the good side, at least you know you've got a great ms in Charlie :O)