Thursday, January 18, 2007

Be My Hero

Be My Hero is due for release tomorrow. I'm kind of nervous about this book because it touches on something that's a difficult issue for many women. Infertility and the choices we sometimes are forced to make. It's something I have considerable firsthand experience of and I didn't want to write a schmaltzy story. Nathalie's story ends happily as all good romances should (at least the ones I like to read) but I hope I've done her justice.
The book has a special dedication - it's dedicated to all the staff and consultants at the unit for assisted fertility at Birmingham's womens hospital. Without them and my wonderful consultants, Mr Jordan and the Mr Afnan, I wouldn't have my family.
I'll post an excerpt for you tomorrow and the cover!
I'm guestblogging today at Sweeter Romantic Notions author blog - talking about the internet. Don't forget to go here and read Meg Allison's interview.

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Jessica Raymond said...

*HUG* You told Nathalie's story perfectly.

I'm looking forward to getting my copy :)

Jess x