Friday, January 19, 2007

Today is the launch of Be My Hero - the second book of the Cinderella series. I love this cover. The original one wasn't at all me but this one is great - The book should be available by tonight UK time and sometime in the day US time at and will be available at fictionwise shortly too. I'll give you all a shout when it goes up there.

Here's the excerpt I promised -

Polly knelt on a chair at the kitchen table with her colouring pencils.
‘That’s a nice picture.’ He admired her handiwork. The picture was of a man and a woman holding hands with crowns on their heads. A drawing of a little girl with yellow hair, also wearing a crown, was next to them.
‘That’s you and Nathalie getting married,’ Polly explained. ‘I’m in my princess dress because I’m the bridesmaid.’
Evan swallowed. ‘Um - Poll, sweetheart, Nathalie and I are just friends. We aren’t getting married.’ Even as he said the words out loud, he knew he wanted to marry Nathalie, had always wanted to marry Nathalie. The revelation quickened his pulse as it hit home like a thunderbolt.
‘I saw you kiss her - I peeped round the door when she said goodnight. That means you’ll marry her,’ Polly declared confidently as she began to colour in Nathalie’s hair in the picture with a black fibre-tip pen.
‘Poll, it’s not that simple, okay?’
His daughter silenced him with a look and a shrug of her shoulders. At least he should be grateful that Polly didn’t want him to remarry Laurel.
He toyed with the idea of calling Nathalie but he felt the initiative needed to come from her. If he pushed too hard at the moment, he could make everything worse. He rubbed his hand through his hair in frustration. The cases he dealt with in court weren’t as tricky to handle as Nathalie and his feelings for her.
The house phone rang and he rushed to answer it, hoping it would be her.

(C) Nell Dixon 2007


Jessica Raymond said...

The cover looks great :) First publication of 2007: here's to many more!

Jess x

Robin Bayne said...

Looks wonderful, want to order it!
(by the way your link is bad--you have a comma in there instead of a dot : )

Olga said...

Awesome! Congratulations, Nell!

Nell Dixon said...

Thanks, Robin - I fixed the link. That's what comes of doing stuff early in the morning while getting the kids to school.