Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome to the New Year

I'm guestblogging again today at Sweeter romantic notions again if you want to pop over. I was talking about setting goals to achieve your targets. I don't like resolutions too much, I prefer to set goals.
My goals are only set for a month at a time, this gives me chance to review them and make changes as circumstances alter. So for January my goals are:
To lose some weight - I've started this already - check out the (Pink Heart society)
To finish Making Waves, edit it and send it off - (2K to go and major editing)
To have a synopsis and the first three chapters done of a new medical (This one may be a tough push as I have final line edits for Be My Hero to complete as it's released at the end of this month and all the promoting to do)
So - three goals - what about you?


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

My goals for January are to get accepted for the RNA's NWS (out of my hands now), to restart my wip, and to start my OU course.

Wishing you a happy and successful 2007.

Sue :-)

Phillipa said...

Mine is to think positive and hope my tendonitis does not come back so U can run again, which will also solve my stress and weight issues!

Lis said...

Let's see, lose weight. Finish the edits on the neverending ms, finish plotting out Harley's story. If the first and last one happens by March I'll be thrilled :D

Jessica Raymond said...

I bet you'll fulfil them all :)

Mine for this month are to finish One Shore Thing, revamp and update my website, and get plans pretty much finished for my next book project!

Jess x