Thursday, January 25, 2007


I hate being cold. It's freezing here and we didn't get the snow they promised. I want a snow day - chance to stay home in the warm. I heard from a friend on the Samhain boards that I've been quoted in the RWR magazine for this month. Just wish I could remember what it was about, I have vague recall of doing something for someone a few months ago about hints and tips. I don't get the magazine so if anyone here spots it, please let me know.
I heard from the agent that has Charlie and he told me he's reading. I'm doing my research to see if he's a good fit for me. No news from M&B which is okay as I'd like to be further in with my new story first. I'm almost done with the first chapter - I think the rest will be faster to write but this one is a challenge to get the tone right.
I'm also working on Places To Go - I'm hoping to have a new chapter done on that soon too. The March edition of The Romantic Times will be out soon and I'm on tenterhooks to see my advert and read the review for Things To Do. Exciting stuff happening so far this year!


Amanda Ashby said...

Nell, hope you get warm soon! And did you tell the agent about your RNA shortlisting? Because if not then it's probably worth mentioning!

Jessica Raymond said...

Great news that the agent's reading -- hope you hear something soon!

Jess x