Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Who turned the heat off? It's turned very cold here now and I had to spend five minutes this morning de-icing the car before I could go to work. I've been planning my Christmas lists, presents, stuff I need to do around the house and all that kind of thing. It'll be so nice this year now I'm out of pain and mobile unlike last year when everything was so bleak. I'm really looking forward to enjoying everything.
I've put my project book on hold for a few days to give myself some perspective as I think I need to work more on polishing up the first chunk of the book before I can write the middle part. This means I'm back working on Crystal Clear which has been bubbling away nicely in the back of my mind. My poor heroine is just waking up to reality and it's not going to be pretty.

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Phillipa said...

Freezing isn't it? Yay, Nell, you so deserve apain-free, lovely Christmas. Happy writing.

P xxxx